What Is a Campaign?

Campaigns in Pitchbox contain the list of opportunities/contacts you'd like to reach out to along with your email templatespersonalization fields, and outreach schedule. You can segment and separate your campaigns based on outreach strategy, category/topics, campaign type, or for pure organizational purposes. 

Within a campaign there is a 3-step workflow in which you will process your opportunities through each stage of the workflow: 

Inspect → Personalize → Compose

Each campaign has its own campaign card which is displayed in the active campaigns dashboard inside of each project. The campaign card displays the campaign name, response rate, number of saved templates, opportunities emailed, and how many opportunities are in each stage of the workflow. 

In addition, you can hover your mouse over the flag in the top left corner to see the country, the name of the user who created the campaign, and the date and time the campaign was created.

Campaign Tile.png

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