Campaign Settings: General

This section allows you to change the name of the campaign, view the date of your campaign, as well as your prospecting profile which includes: type of campaign, input details (keywords or imported files), and your metrics filter.

Click the blue-text 'More Info' to view and edit additional settings: If you have metrics enabled, the metrics filter, contact finder settings, and deduplication settings.

You can run prospecting again on a new set of keywords or import another file into an existing import campaign below the Input Details section.

Click the blue-text 'Advanced Options' to adjust the following settings:

  •  'Approval Workflow', this allows the head of your outreach team to approve or reject any opportunities that don’t fit the goal of your campaign.
  • 'Find Contact Info' if you feel you need additional contacts or not for an opportunity.
  • 'Opportunity Deduplication'. For more on deduplication read: How Does Deduplication Work?.
  • 'Merge Duplicate Personalization Values'. For more on merging duplicate personalization values read: Merging Duplicate Personalization Values.
  • 'Assign a Personalizer' for your campaign. This role works only in the Personalization stage of the workflow and is used to personalize and submit opportunities for approval for the users or admin to approve or reject. 

Be sure to always 'Save' before exiting your settings!

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