How Do I Snooze Emails in the Inbox?

The Snooze functionality will remove an email from the Inbox until a set date. 

The Inbox is designed to be actionable and is inspired by Inbox-Zero Methodology. By keeping a clean and organized inbox, you'll make sure that all your leads are followed up in a timely and efficient manner. Snoozing allows you to focus on specific leads and gives you control over which inbound emails appear in the Inbox. 


You can snooze either from the Inbox by clicking on the Snooze icon next to Details, or from the email preview pop-up (between the reply and archive buttons). 


You will still have access to snoozed emails (just not in the Inbox). You can quickly view snoozed emails from All Emails by filtering for Snoozed from the drop-down. You can also see snoozed emails when filtering by Inbound, they will appear with a snoozed label under Email Status. The notification for the inbox will reappear at the set date.




You can 'unsnooze' from the opportunity details page.




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