Response Rate for Individual Templates

To view template metrics for campaigns that have sent or are actively sending outreach, click on Campaign Settings and then on Templates & Email Sequence

Under each attempt, you'll see a breakdown of the amount of emails sent, individual opportunities reached, the number of replies, and the opportunity response rate.

  • Emails Sent = amount of individual emails sent out with that template. E.g.: If you email and that equals 2 emails sent
  • Opportunities Reached = amount of opportunities that have been contacted. E.g.: if you reach out to & that equals 2 opportunities reached 
  • Replies = number of times a reply has been received for the email template. 



As indicated by the above screenshot, Opportunity Response Rate measures the response rate for the template within the selected campaign. For example, a template that has reached 161 opportunities and has 33 replies, will have an Opp. Response Rate of 20.49%. 

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