Creating and Assigning Tasks

Tasks are reminders in Pitchbox for you and your team to keep on top of your outreach activities as well as specific opportunities. 

There are three types of tasks you can assign in Pitchbox: Project-Wide Tasks, Campaign-Wide Tasks, and Opportunity-Related Tasks

1. Project-Wide Task: A task assigned to a team member related to activity in a specific project (e.g. Please create new campaign).

2. Campaign-Wide Task: A task that has been assigned to a specific campaign but isn't necessarily tied to a specific outreach opportunity. 

3. Opportunity-Related Task: A task tied directly to a specific opportunity in one of your campaigns. These tasks can be made dynamic, which marks a task complete automatically based on two triggers: an opportunity receives a reply, or an opportunity milestone changes.


Dynamic Tasks

Task management for opportunities can be automated based on two specific triggers to help save you time. Please note, you must select an opportunity to create a dynamic task:

How to Create a Task

  • On the Task screen, select '+ Add Task' on the top right.
  • Choose task type and enter as much information as possible when assigning a task. For example, for opportunity-related tasks, you will need to select the Project and Campaign first before selecting the opportunity.  

Please Note: If you do not assign the Task to a specific team member, it will show as being assigned to 'Anyone'. 

You can also create a task on the Opportunity Details screen and directly from the Inbox.

Task Notifications

Once a task has been assigned, a team member will receive an email (dependent on their notification preferences).

When tasks are due, notifications will also appear in the top right of your display between Settings and Opportunity Search.

From the notification, you can mark a task as complete, snooze the notification, or head directly to the associated campaign or opportunity (if applicable). 

As a shortcut, you can access your tasks directly from the All Projects display under the Tasks column.

Can I Edit and Complete Other Users' Tasks?

Depending on your preferences for team collaboration, you may or may not want to allow a User to edit or complete tasks for other Users. This privilege can be set by Admins on the account when a User is added, or adjusted for any existing Users. 

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