What is Resume Outreach?


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When you choose to resume outreach, the outreach sequence continues by sending out the next attempt in line. If the current contact has received all attempts, then outreach will move on to the next available contact.

Please keep in mind that resuming outreach still adheres to your outreach schedule and the days between attempts. If you resume outreach to the next contact in your list, it will still wait x amount of days to send the first email attempt. 


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Resuming outreach is useful in multiple scenarios:

  • If you discover a new contact instead of the one you initially contacted, you can add that contact to your opportunity and move it to the top of your contact list. When you resume outreach, it will reach out to the new contact.
  • If you receive an auto-reply and prefer not to wait until that person returns to their office, you can keep the outreach going and skip to your next contact. However, if you receive an auto-reply on a first attempt and have follow-up attempts in place, then resuming outreach will only send your follow-ups to the same contact. You would have to re-order contacts before resuming outreach.
  • In some cases, you may add a follow-up attempt after all your previous attempts have gone out and the opportunity has been marked as finished. Once you’ve added your attempt, you can resume outreach.
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