Automated Outreach Sequence Explained

Automated outreach will email one contact at a time. It will cycle through your first, second, and third attempts, waiting the specified number of days before each follow-up attempt, to the first contact in line. If you do not receive a reply after the sequence has been completed, it will move on to the next contact and repeat the same process.

So, the sequence will go like this:

Contact A: 1st Attempt

-- wait x days

Contact A: 2nd Attempt

-- wait x days

Contact A: 3rd Attempt

-- wait x days

If no response from Contact A:

Contact B: 1st Attempt

-- wait x days

Contact B: 2nd Attempt

-- wait x days

Contact B: 3rd Attempt


Email Sequence - V2.png

Contacts are emailed in the order that they are arranged on the Personalize stage of the Workflow. If you want to change this order at a later date, you can rearrange the contacts from the Opportunity Details page. Scroll to the 'Contact Info' box. From here, hover over the contact until you see a grid of dots. Use this handle to drag contacts into a new order. Contacts at the top of the list will take priority. 

Reorder Contacts.png

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