How To Create a Cherry-Pick Campaign

Our Cherry-pick Campaign allows you to quickly generate a list of opportunities you’ve previously contacted or are still in the process of contacting. On the Campaign Type page, click the Cherry-pick Campaign box. 




You will be redirected to the Opportunity Search page where you can view opportunities across your entire account (admins will be able to view all opportunities and users will only be able to see opportunities from projects that they have access to).

Generate your list based on the following filters: projects, campaigns, milestones, tags. You may also choose multiple labels within each filter category.


CP Filters.png


To further filter your results, search by DSLC (days since last communication) and DIM (days in milestone). Click on the email icon button to view your previous contact with each opportunity. Visit this Knowledge Base article to read more about our Advanced Filters. 

CP Advenced Filters.png

Select the opportunities you wish to pursue. Click '+ Create a Cherry-pick Campaign' and choose the Project you’d like to add the selected opportunities to.

You can also add your list of opportunities to an existing Cherry-pick campaign by selecting '+ Add to Campaign' from the 'Create a Cherry-pick Campaign' drop-down.

Create CP.png

When you create a New Cherry-pick Campaign or add to an existing one, you'll have the option to copy over personalization data:

New CP Pop-Up.png

In addition, if you are utilizing Custom Fields and have them set for 'Persistent Data', then the data for your Custom Fields will be carried over for Cherry-pick Campaigns.

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