What Are Pitchbox Automations?

Pitchbox Automations are an easy way to create advanced automation workflows. They follow a simple When/Then dynamic and can be customized for specific conditions.


By creating automations, you can streamline your day to day while enforcing SOPs. If there is a certain process your team always follows, automating the actions behind it will allow you and your team to save time. Automations allow for better task management, improved tag distribution, customizable notifications, and more!


How to Create and Manage Automations

Automations can be created and managed by Admins and Users on your account by heading to Settings > Automations. No coding is required. 😁

Choose one of the pre-built automations to help you get started or create your own custom automation. 

To create an automation, click on '+ Create Automation'. Give your automation a name (you can always adjust the name later). Now it's time to set up the trigger. You can think of this as the 'when' moment. It is the catalyst for your automation. 

'When This Happens'

  • Opportunity milestone is changed
  • Opportunity receives its first email reply
  • A new task is created
  • Task is completed
  • Campaign outreach started
  • A campaign is finished prospecting
  • Chase-up is matured

Select if you want your automation to be for All Projects or specific ones. In addition, your trigger can have conditions so that the automation applies to specific opportunities, campaigns, email accounts, etc.

Now you're ready to set up the 'action'. You can think of this as the 'then' moment. Depending on what your trigger is, you will have different options for potential actions.

'Then Do This' Action:

  • Delete email
  • Archive email
  • Remove contact from opportunity
  • Add a tag
  • Remove a tag
  • Add a note to opportunity
  • Notify Slack
  • Add task to opportunity
  • Send webhook

Depending on your selected action, you may need to define parameters. For example, if your action is to add a tag, you will need to select which tag you want to be added. 

After your automation has been created you'll be able to 'View & Edit', 'Duplicate', view 'History', 'Refresh Stats', Disable/Enable, and 'Remove'.



Depending on your plan, you may have access to Advanced Automations. 

Advanced Triggers include:

  • New Out of Office Email is Received
  • New Auto Responder Email is Received
  • Any Inbound Reply is Received
  • Outreach Email Sent

Advanced Actions include:

  • Snooze Email
  • Resume Outreach
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