What is Link Monitoring?

Link Monitoring tracks the status of links that are linking to the domain you are doing link building for. You can set up your Link Monitoring Domain in Project Settings. 


During the initial discovery, the system will retrieve the top 100 backlinks for your Link Monitoring Domain. Each month, the system will check the status of those links. This information is displayed by a series of codes. Hovering your mouse over 'Linking URL Status' will produce the codes and meanings. 


  • Not Linking - There is no link from this page to the domain you are monitoring. 
  • Follow (#) - This is how many links are marked as active follow links. This can include image links as well. 
  • 301 - This means that there is a page redirect when someone clicks on this link. 
  • 404 - This means the page cannot be found, thus there is no active link. 
  • 200 - This means that your link is active. 

Upon connecting a link monitoring domain, you can add additional links manually or track Won links once an opportunity milestone has been updated to Won. You do this pressing the '+ Add Links to Monitor' button at the top of the Link Monitoring screen.


The Events number next to Link Monitoring represents the events and changes for the current links that are being monitored. 




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