What is MX Right?

What is MX Right?

MX Right is a technical inspector of email infrastructure that regularly monitors and checks the health of your connected email accounts. This way, you can take a proactive stance on deliverability and identify any potential pitfalls early on.


How do I set up MX Right?

MX Right is automatically integrated into your Pitchbox account and your MX Scores will display on the Email Accounts Page.

How can I see the full report?

Click on any of your MX Scores to view details and then select See Full Report.



Can I have MX Right check for a new score?

Yes. Although MX Right routinely checks your email accounts, you can also request a new check. From the Email Accounts page click on Deliverability and then on Check MX Score. You can also view your MX Score History. 


What should I do about a low score?

Having a score lower than an A does not necessarily mean that you need to take any action. There are a multitude of factors that go into the scoring of each individual email account. The insights provided by MX Right can be used to help you identify settings that can be adjusted or actions to take to help maximize your chances of direct inbox placement. 

If your score is low or has dropped, forward the report to your resident email geek or IT team to make the necessary changes or adjustments.



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