Email Account Analytics Report

The Email Account Analytics report provides insights for your connected email accounts. With this report, you can identify which email accounts are being overloaded, and decide if you need to adjust your campaigns or add more email accounts to keep your outreach sending at maximum efficiency. 


ORM and Bounce Rate by Email Account

ORM by email eaccount.png

Bouncy by email.png


Compare your outreach email volume and Bounce Rate. Identify trends in sending patterns. Use the date filter dropdown to focus on specific date ranges.


Outreach by Email Account & Campaign Load (by date range)

ORM load potential.png


Identify the total number of outreach emails sent and how many campaigns were used per email account.  


New Campaigns Allotted & New Opps Allotted (by date range)

new allotted.png


Gain insight into the number of new campaigns that your email accounts have been associated with. A new campaign refers to a campaign that was created within your date range.

Compare your new campaigns with the number of new opportunities. New opps refer to opportunities in your new campaigns in either the Inspect or Personalize stages of the workflow. 


Campaign Load & Opportunity Load Potential

Green table.png

Identify the number of Paused, Active, and Temporarily paused campaigns associated with your email account as well as the total number of opportunities that can potentially send outreach emails.


30-Days ORM vs Load Forecast


Review aggregated data for predictions of how long it would take to finish outreach to your opportunities based on your current sending habits. across the last 30 days. 


You can click on the columns or graphs to open more insights for your email accounts. 

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