Campaign Keyword Tips

Pitchbox's search-based campaigns generate targeted lists of websites based on your keywords. The keywords you input will depend on the campaign type and the topic or content you're interested in finding.  

Any time you create a new campaign, you will want to make sure that you have a strong outreach strategy and a defined topic/industry for the campaign to be focused on.

Here are a few examples of the types of keywords to use with each search-campaign:


Blogger Outreach
  • Email marketing tips
  • Optimize your website

The keywords you enter for Blogger Outreach campaigns should reflect themes/topics in a specific niche. Keywords should be long-tail, but not too long. Blogger Outreach campaigns targets specific posts and articles related to the keywords.

Blog Category Search
  • Content marketing
  • Cooking

Blog Category Search campaigns require broader keywords to target websites and publications related to the keywords. 

Advanced Operator Search
  • Email marketing intitle:tools
  • Email marketing inurl:tools
  • intitle:marketing inurl:tools

Utilize search operators along with your keywords to focus on specific results. You can format as keyword and search operator or just search operator. Each keyword can have multiple search operators. Common search operators include intitle: and inurl:. Here is a list of Google Search Operators that you can use within this campaign type

Resource Pages
  • Mental health
  • Family planning

The keywords for Resource Page campaigns will be industries that offer services and other resources. This will target websites that include directory-style lists.


Hot Off The Press

  • Email marketing tips 
  • Optimize your website
The keywords for the Hot Off the Press campaign will be similar to the Blogger Outreach campaign, but  the focus of the campaign is bringing in content published in the last 24 hours. 


Product Reviews
  • Canine behavior training
  • Clothing and fashion

Use e-commerce brands, products, or services as keywords in Product Review campaigns to find websites with reviews and articles about the topic.


Saas Product Reviews
  • Moosend
  • Mailchimp

The keywords for SaaS Product Review campaigns will be the software, services, and online tools for which you are looking to find reviews and articles.


  • SEO
  • Search engine optimization

Use industries/topics as keywords for Roundup campaigns to pull in statistics and strategies related to the industry published within a 2-year timeframe. 

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