How to Set Up SSO With Pitchbox

Depending on your organization's standards/processes and your Pitchbox subscription, your account may allow for Single Sign-On or SSO authentication.

Pitchbox configuration details for your SSO integration can be entered by your account's SSO Admin under the Integrations page and by choosing your SSO provider. 


To integrate Pitchbox with Okta SSO follow the steps here:


To Integrate Pitchbox PingIdentity SSO follow the steps here:


Can I disable non-SSO login?

Yes. Depending on your organization's standards, you may or may not want to allow for users to login into your Pitchbox account without having an account in your SSO provider. Admins can set Login Options for individual users for SSO only.

In order for an SSO user to login into Pitchbox, the user must be added within your Pitchbox account.

Note: All rights, access, and privileges' for users are managed in Pitchbox. 

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