Merging Duplicate Personalization Values

When you have multiple sets of data for your personalization fields for your CSV import campaigns, you can choose to either merge duplicate personalization rows or to keep the duplicate data. 

This can be set when you create a new CSV Import campaign under Advanced Options or can be adjusted for an existing CSV Import campaign by heading to Campaign Settings>General, and scrolling down to Advanced Options (remember to save after any changes). 

If the CSV file looks like this:

With Merge Duplicate Personalization Values option set to "Yes" any duplicate personalization values will be consolidated and the example would appear like this within Pitchbox:

With Merge Duplicate Personalization Values option set to "No" any duplicate personalization values will show multiple times and the same example would appear like this within Pitchbox:

Why Would I Want to use this Option?

For advanced strategies where you need to create specific lists of data within your personalization fields. With Link Reclamation you may need to reference the same data multiple times in your templates.

**Please note that the default setting is "Yes" and will merge any duplicate values by default.

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