Customizing Your Reports

As an Admin, you can customize your reports by going to 'Settings' via the three lines at the top right of your page. From here, select 'Report settings'


Report settings.png

Under ‘Reporting Customization’ you will have the option to personalize Client Reports with your company information.

Report customization.png


Customization can take place on two different reports:

Client Report 

Allows you to show your clients how long certain tasks normally take without using a tool like Pitchbox, so reflect the manual time estimation in your reports, not how long it took you in Pitchbox. You can toggle Display Time off as well. (Example: Creating a campaign may take 20 minutes outside of Pitchbox, where as creating a campaign takes only a few minutes within the tool)

Team Performance 

Allows you to adjust whether work completed by deleted users is included in your team performance report.

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