Campaign Outreach Completion Graph Explained


The Outreach Completion graph displays the progress of a specific campaign's outreach. This is initiated after you've launched your Automated Outreach Sequence. The number of emails sent is dependent upon the number of attempts used and the number of contacts available for each opportunity.


Outreach Completion.png


Any opportunities within the Inspect, Personalize, or Compose stage of the workflow do not count towards this measurement. Only the opportunities that you emailed are included in the completion percentage.


The Automated Outreach Sequence will end for an opportunity when an inbound response is received or the final email attempt has been sent to the last contact. At this point, your outreach completion bar will move closer towards 100%.


Once a campaign has reached 100% Outreach Completion, you can be sure that all opportunities in the outreach sequence have been sent all attempts.


Outreach Completion 100.png


If you’re not at 100% completion and want to check how many opportunities are left in the sequence, click the 'Grid of dots' and from the drop-down menu, select 'Opportunity Pipeline'.


Opportunity Pipeline.png


In the opportunity list table, use the advanced filter OIP=Y to list any opportunities where outreach is in progress, identified by ‘Y’ in the Outreach in Progress column.


Alternatively, use the advanced filter OIP=N to list any opportunities where outreach is no longer in progress.

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