Ignoring Incoming Emails from Specific People

Is there a way to ignore incoming emails from a specific person (email address)?

Sometimes you get newsletters, personal messages, and other emails that you don’t want to see in Pitchbox. There are two ways to make sure they don’t appear:

1. If an email shows up in your 'Unmatched' folder from someone you would not like to communicate with via Pitchbox, then you can simply select the ‘Ignore this Sender’ button, located next to the 'From <email address>'. This will prevent all future emails from that sender from showing up in Pitchbox.

2. You can also add email addresses to your Email Ignore List, which can be accessed by heading to Account Settings > Email Accounts. Click on the Settings drop-down menu, and select 'Email Ignore List' (as indicated by the screenshot below)

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