Zapier Integration

Work smarter, not harder! With Zapier, you can easily connect Pitchbox to your other favourite web applications to automate tasks and save time. Choose from any of the 5,000+ integrated apps and create automations that optimize your unique workflow.


How to Connect

  • Go to the Settings menu and select Integrations (only accessible to Admin users)


  • Click on the blue Connect to Zapier button. This will take you to Pitchbox’s landing page on Zapier’s website.


  • Click on the relevant 'Start Free With...' button Zapier’s website.

  • Sign up for a new Zapier account or Log in to an existing one.

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  • + Create Zap with Pitchbox!

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How to Create

We're very excited to unveil our expanded capabilities. New triggers, and searches, and actions, oh my! 


First, Select a Trigger

A trigger is an event that starts a Zap. In Pitchbox, the following events can be used as triggers:

Trigger Description
Campaign Archived Triggers when a campaign is archived
Campaign Created Triggers when a campaign is created
Campaign Deleted Triggers when a campaign is deleted
Custom Field Updated Triggers when a custom field is updated
New Matched Email Triggers when an email is matched
Milestone Change Triggers when an opportunity milestone is changed
Opportunity Tagged Triggers when a tag is added to an opportunity
Task Created Triggers when a task is created
Task Deleted Triggers when a task is deleted
Task Completed Triggers when a task is marked as complete
User Archived Triggers when a user is archived
User Created Triggers when a user is created

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Then Select an Action

An action is an event a Zap performs after it starts. Pitchbox can perform tasks and find information by using the following actions and searches:

Action (Create) Description
Change Opportunity Milestone Changes an opportunity's milestone
Complete Task Completes a task
Create Opportunity Creates a new opportunity
Create Opportunity Note Creates a note on an opportunity
Create Task Creates a new task
Update Custom Field Updates a custom field value
Update Task Updates a task
Search Description
Get Campaign Info Returns information about a campaign
Get Communication Info Returns information about an email communication
Get Email Account Info Returns information about a connected email account
Get Opportunity Info Returns information about an opportunity
Get Project Info Returns information about a project
Get Task Info Returns information about a task
Get User Info Returns information about a user
Search Opportunities Finds opportunities
Search Opportunity Tasks Finds tasks related to a given opportunity


Zap milestone change.png

After selecting an action, you will be prompted to provide relevant information to complete the Zap setup. For example, the Change Opportunity Milestone in Pitchbox V2 action requires the Opportunity ID and the New Milestone.



Lastly, Test and Publish Your Zap!

While it is possible to skip tests, we strongly recommend testing all triggers and actions during Zap setup to ensure your automation is working as expected.


Congratulations on making your day easier! We can't wait to see all the creative ways our customers will increase their productivity and gain back a little time for themselves.


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