Canned Responses in Pitchbox

To create Canned Responses, you must be an Admin on your Pitchbox account. Go to your 'Settings' in the top-right and click 'Canned Responses':

On the 'Canned Responses' page, you'll see your existing canned response templates, with options to clone, edit, or delete. In the top-right, click "+New Canned Response" to create a new canned response template. Canned Responses can be assigned to a specific project if you have multiple on your account, or set to be used in all projects:

After you have your Canned Response template saved you can start implementing them into your email replies. When replying to an inbound email, underneath the subject line, you’ll see a drop-down menu titled 'Canned Responses'. Click the drop-down, a list of your canned responses as well as the option to create a new canned response will appear (Admin only). Click the one you want, and it will be inserted into your reply.

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