Canned Responses in Pitchbox

To create Canned Responses, you must be an Admin on your Pitchbox account. Go to your 'Settings' in the top-right and click 'Canned Responses'.


Canned responses.png


On the 'Canned Responses' page, you'll see your existing canned response templates, with options to clone, edit, or delete. In the top-right, click '+ New Canned Response' to create a new canned response template. Canned Responses can be assigned to a specific project if you have multiple on your account, or set to be used in all projects.


Canned responses main page.png


After you have your Canned Response template saved, you can start implementing them into your email replies. When replying to an inbound email, underneath the subject line, you’ll see a drop-down menu titled 'Canned Responses'. Click the drop-down, and a list of your canned responses and the option to create a new canned response will appear (Admin only). Click the one you want, and it will be inserted into your reply.


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