How Do I Export All of My Won Opportunities?

Account-Wide Wins

To export all of your 'Won' opportunities account-wide, there are two options: the Management Report and Opportunity Search.

  • For the Management Report export, go to the All Projects page, and click 'Management Report' on the left navigation. Filter your report as needed, scroll to the bottom right, and find 'Won by Project':

This export will give you a list of all wins account-wide, as well as the contact last communicated with.

  • For Opportunity Search export, click 'Opportunity Search' in the top-right of your Pitchbox screen. This will take you to your account-wide list of opportunities. Use the filters to specify by 'Won' milestone (adding more filters as needed):

Opps won.png

This export will give you a list of all opportunity wins, along with the table data included in the Opportunity List.


Project-Specific Wins

To export all of your 'Won' opportunities go to your 'Pipeline'. From the Pipeline, head to 'Filters' select then next to 'Where' select 'Milestone. Finally, next to 'Equals' select 'Won'. 


Pilepline won.png


This will filter your pipeline specific to opportunities you have marked as 'Won'. Once you’ve done this, you can click on the button at the bottom right hand of your screen that says 'CSV Export'. This will export your opportunities into a CSV file, complete with the domain, url, milestone, tags, metrics, and more!



Pipeline csv export.png

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