How Do I Unsubscribe a Contact?

There are two ways to unsubscribe a contact from receiving your emails:

  • Opportunity Details
  • Address Book

Locate the contact or opportunity using the search bar at the top of your screen. On the 'Opportunity Details' page, you will see a list of contacts in the section 'Contact Info' on the right-hand side of your screen. Hover your mouse over the contact you wish to unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe symbol to mark the contact as unsubscribed:



You will then see a pop-up which will give you the option to unsubscribe for all projects or this project only. After making your selection, confirm the action by clicking 'Okay'. 


Unsubscribe - pop up.png


The second way to do this is by using your Address Book.




When inside the Address Book, you can search for the specific contact that you would like to unsubscribe. Hover your mouse over the contact and click the unsubscribe symbol to mark the email as unsubscribed.


When you finish unsubscribing a contact, you can check that your actions have been confirmed by the contact being updated with a red unsubscribe symbol next to their name in any of the places previously mentioned.


Blocked contact.png


Your unsubscribed contacts will now appear in your 'Do Not Email' list. Visit this Knowledge Base article to read more about managing your 'Do Not Email' list

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