How Do I Inspect?

'Inspect' is the first stage of the Workflow process and is a way for you to review the opportunities that were discovered or imported for your campaign. You can view each individual opportunity by clicking the link associated with it and an inner browser will give you a brief overview of the page that was retrieved. Then you have three options:


1. Move an opportunity to 'Personalize'. When you wish to move forward with an opportunity, you will 'Move to Personalization'. This will move the opportunity to the next stage of the Workflow.



2. Add an opportunity to the blocklist. You can blocklist an opportunity if you have no desire to outreach to said opportunity now, or at any time in future campaigns of that project.

Please note: it will only be blocklisted for that project only.



3. Delete an opportunity. If you do not wish to outreach to a particular opportunity, you can choose to delete it, which will remove it from the campaign.

Please note: this opportunity might reappear in future campaigns.



If you are not an admin, your inspect will look like the above. However, if you are an admin, you will see an additional option known as the 'Global Blocklist'. For more information on the difference between Global and Project level blocklists, check out our article here!

Blocklists x2.png


Our site preview feature allows you to navigate your potential opportunities from within Pitchbox. In the top right corner, you are able to:

  • Go to the URL found on - takes you back to the page that was initially prospected after you have navigated within the site preview. 
  • Set this page as the URL found on - changes the prospected page to a new URL within the website.
  • Copy to clipboard - copies the link to the URL to your clipboard. 
  • Open in a new tab - opens the website in a new tab on the page that you are viewing. 

Inspect Overview.png


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