What Happens When I Archive an Email From My Inbox?

When you archive an email, the email will be removed from your inbox. It’s important to know that these emails are not deleted from Pitchbox (or the email account's inbox).

Instead, these emails can still be accessed by going to the Opportunity Details page for the opportunity in question, or can be found by heading to 'All Emails' and filtering for 'Inbound'. Archived emails will have a downwards arrow symbol next to the opportunity.


In addition, you can choose to 'Archive & Resume Outreach', 'Archive & Mark as Won', or 'Archive & Mark as Lost' by using the drop-down menu to archive emails from your Inbox. These options are also available from the email preview pop-up.

You are able to unarchive emails by visiting the opportunity details page of the archived email. At the base of the email, you have the option to press 'Unarchive', which will restore the email back into your Inbox.


We always recommend using archive over delete when handling your emails. 

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