What Is The Blocklist and How Do I Add Something to It?

The Blocklist is a list of websites that you prefer to not show up in any of your future campaigns. 

There are two types of Blocklists in Pitchbox: 

1. Global-Level Blocklist 

With the Global-level Blocklist, you can ban a site for any projects or campaigns in your account. This is useful for high-authority sites where you’re certain outreach is of no use (e.g. Wikipedia, Facebook, eHow, etc). 

2. Project-Level Blocklist 

The Project-level Blocklist can be used for the following: 

  • Banning Competitors from showing up as opportunities,
  • Excluding sites with whom you already have a relationship,
  • Banning sites that are completely irrelevant to the project, but might be useful in another project.

Sites can be added to a Blocklist from the Workflow by using the drop-down next to the 'Delete' button.

Blocklists x2.png

You can also add sites to the Blocklist from the opportunity details page. 

Opp Deets - Blocklist.png

Admins can add sites to the Blocklist in bulk by heading over to 'Settings', then 'Prospecting Blocklist'.

Add sites to blocklist.png


To add new sites to the Blocklist, select the type of Blocklist, click '+Add Sites to Blocklist', and paste your list of domains into the pop-up. When your list is complete, click 'Add to Blocklist' and your list will be updated.


When you add a site to the Blocklist, if you add the root domain, Pitchbox will automatically add the www. version as well and vice versa, if you add the www. version, the root domain will be added as well. 

You can Blocklist a site and its subdomains by using an asterisk (*.) as a wildcard in front of the domain.


Blocklist 2.png


Blocklist Reasons can be created and edited by Admins in your account. 

Any time a site is added to a Blocklist, you are able to select a reason, whether that’s in bulk from the Prospecting Blocklist or manually when curating lists in the Workflow.

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