How Do I Move an Opportunity Between Campaigns?

If a particular opportunity would fit better in a different project or campaign, you can always move it. You can move multiple opportunities during the Inspect, Personalize, or Compose stages of the workflow.

To move an opportunity while inspecting, select the opportunity or opportunities you want and click 'Move to Another Campaign' from the 'Move to Personalization' drop-down. 


Move to campaign.png


You can also move opportunities when you are personalizing. Select the opportunity or opportunities you wish to move and click 'Move to Another Campaign'.


Move to campaign - personalize.png


You can use the same process to move opportunities between campaigns in the Compose stage. 


Move to campaign - compose.png


After you click 'Move to Another Campaign' you will be prompted with a pop-up asking which project/campaign you would like the opportunity to be moved to.


Opportunities will appear in the campaigns they were moved into in the same stage of the workflow: From Inspect to Inspect, from Personalize to Personalize, and from Compose to Compose.

Note: Opportunities with email history will NOT be moved.

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