How to Add Custom Personalization Fields

You can add custom personalization fields in two ways in Pitchbox: while creating your template or via your campaign settings. On the template screen, on the right side there is a section for Personalization Fields; click the '+Add' button.


Add personalised fields.png


Then select 'Add a New Field' from the drop-down. A new window will pop up and you will be prompted to create your personalization field.


add field drop down.png


Give your custom personalization field a name (e.g. Blog Type, Few Thoughts on Blog), designate if it’s a required field, choose the type of Personalization field, and enter some help text as an indicator for yourself when you’re personalizing.



Next, you have to designate a type for the personalization field, which tells Pitchbox what kind of Personalization Field you are creating.

  • Single Line - This is the most commonly used Personalization Field type, used when referencing data that is short such as the title of a blog or website.
  • Multi-Line - If you need to add a few sentences about a particular blog or website, then this is the field you want!
  • Number - This field can only be filled by a numeric value.
  • Date - Need to add a date to your outreach email? No problem!
  • URL - This Personalization Field is used when you want to add a URL into your emails.
  • Dropdown - When you add a 'Dropdown' field type, you’ll get another box labelled 'Item' in which you will have to provide options for your dropdown, each separated by a line.

Anytime you mark a personalization field as 'Required' you will be required to fill this field in before moving to Compose. If you add a required field to your campaign after you’ve already moved opportunities to Compose, those opportunities will be instantly moved back to Personalize so you can fill in the necessary personalization data.

When you have everything set, just click the blue 'Add Field' button.

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