CSV Import Campaigns

Importing with a CSV File

To run a CSV Import you will need a .CSV file with the contacts -or- domains you would like to import into Pitchbox. This file can be any combination of web URL's and email addresses, just email addresses, or just web URL's (including any personalization data along with it). This list can be created in a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet document but must be saved as a .CSV (comma-separated value) to be imported.  

Select 'Yes' for headers. Then click the blue-text 'Import' button. 

When your list is imported you will see all of your header columns appear under 'Name'. Pitchbox will try to match actions to these headers. You will need to match additional columns that may fall under the category of a New Personalization Field (i.e. Blog Name, Blog Type, etc).

If there are any columns you don't wish to import from the file, simply choose the action 'Ignore'.

Once your CSV is imported, click 'Next'. If you have multiple email addresses from the same domain, you will be given the option to consolidate them into one opportunity. You can do this by checking the emails you’d like to consolidate and clicking 'Consolidate'.

When importing email-only opportunities, you will be given the chance to name these opportunities as you see fit in the Personalize stage (i.e. Bob at Pitchbox).

Importing with Plain Text

You are also able to import utilizing our text box to import your domains or contacts (or both). Click the tab that says 'Plain Text' shown below. Then copy and paste your opportunities in the text box. 

Once you’ve added your list to the Plain Text Field, select 'Next' and, if you have any email addresses with the same “@domain.com” you will be prompted to either consolidate them into one opportunity or skip.

Just like with CSV imports, you will be given the chance to name these opportunities as you see fit in the Personalize step (i.e. Bob at Pitchbox).

If you’re importing domains and email addresses and would rather the system didn’t find additional email addresses check out this article.

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