Email Rotation Setup & Rules in Pitchbox

Setting up Rotation

To set up email rotation, you'll need more than one (1) email account attached to the project you're working in. 




Email Rotation Rules 

When sending starts with an email account in the rotation, that same email account will send the follow-up attempts in the sequence (**)


rotation example.png


(*) If the email account that started a sequence to a site is removed from the project, then the next email account in the rotation will send the follow ups. 

(*) If an email account in the rotation is briefly disconnected, the follow ups will be temporarily halted for that site; the system will move onto the next email in the queue with the next email account in the rotation. 

Remember to add email signatures for each email account: 

email signatures.png


Outreach Daily Limit

The daily limit applied to a campaign remains the same, regardless of how many email accounts are added to the rotation.

If you set your daily limit to 100, it'll send 100 total spread evenly across the email accounts added to the rotation. 






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