How to Set up Looker Reports in Pitchbox

Looker Studio is a free data visualization tool that allows you to transform your data into engaging and easily comprehensible dashboards and reports. With Pitchbox's Looker integration, you can create custom reports using your Pitchbox project, campaign, opportunity, outreach, and link monitoring data.

All you need is a browser and a Google account.


Head to Menu > Integrations in your Pitchbox account to make sure that Looker is enabled for your account. 

Looker integration.png

Once you've confirmed it shows as connected, you can visit the reports page to start building your Looker Report: 

looker report again.png

Connect Your Data

There are two components involved in connecting your Pitchbox data to Looker Studio:

  • Connectors - Pitchbox Connectors allow Looker Studio to access project, campaign, opportunity, outreach, and link monitoring data in your Pitchbox account.
  • Data Sources - Data sources are particular instances of the connections created between Looker Studio and your original data. They are configurable, so you can model your data by setting parameters, modifying data types, and creating calculated fields.


Authorize Looker Studio to use the Pitchbox Connector.


Authorize the selected Pitchbox Connector to access your account data.

Create Your Report

Looker Studio has a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create customizable visualizations quickly and easily.

...or you can jump right in using one of our Pitchbox-exclusive templates!

Either way, click Connect to add the data source to your report.

Use the Add a chart dropdown to select your first report component. You can then adjust which dimensions and/or metrics are depicted in your new visualization.

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